Terms and Conditions

At times we may change or update our terms and conditions when we deem it necessary. They apply to all members of the Academy, whether your child is attending the termly sessions, or a holiday/half-term camp.


  • The Academy takes no responsibility if a person brings a nut product into a holiday camp or Academy session.
  • If you have an issue regarding your child during a training session please wait till the end to speak with Adam, or the coach, regarding your issues.
  • Adam Virgo Academy expects all children to behave in an acceptable manner to both fellow players and coaches. We reserve the right to exclude a child from a session/course if the desired behavioural standards are not met. Such failure would include, but not limited to, abuse in the forms of verbal, sexual, racial and physical bulling towards fellow children or the academy coaches.


  • Bookings for the Academy must be made through the Adam Virgo Academy website.
  • Holiday or half-term camps can also be made online, via bacs or with cash that can be paid on the day.
  • You must sign up to an Adam Virgo welcome pack before choosing your destination for the Academy.
  • We do not accept American Express cards.
  • A minimum of six children must attend for a session to be on. If there is five or less the session will be cancelled and a refund will be offered for that session.
  • Each location, time and termly cost will be published on the website www.adamvirgoacademy.com.

Fees, Payments and Refunds

  • All Academy members can cancel the termly sessions at anytime but will be expected to pay the full term out and will not be refunded the remaining sessions you may have left.
  • An early bird offer of £70 (unless the academy is running an additional promotion) will be paid for an Adam Virgo Academy welcome pack / membership.
  • Sessions run with the academic school terms. Between this time, we will hold holiday camps on various dates.

Sibling price / generic category discounts

  • If the discount category prices are misused (i.e. a discount is selected when there is no sibling), a refund is made, minus booking fee. You will then need to re-book in the correct price category.

Photography / Videography

  • Parents, carers or visitors must NOT take any photo or video in accordance with our child protection policy. Any photos or videos taken by our coaches or staff would have been previously authorised by the parent signing the consent form on booking.
  • It is your responsibility to tell us if you do not want your child to feature in any images or videos that we make available in the public domain through our website, social media, advertising and promotional campaigns

Signing In / Out

  • Players must be signed in by the coaches, and once the session is finished picked up by the parent, pitch side, in view of the coaches. If someone different to the parent/carer named is picking your child up please inform coaches/admin before the start of the session – the Academy will not be held liable for children going missing or leaving the session without permission. The Academy will also not be liable for children who live in close proximity and may walk home alone or with friends after a session with or without parents’ consent.
  • Please make sure your child arrives no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the session/course. We are unable to take responsibility for children who arrive earlier.
  • Parents/carers should arrive at least 5 minutes before the designated end time for the session/course. No child will be allowed to leave the premises until a parent/carer is there to collect them unless prior written notice is received with suitable alternative arrangements

Medical Conditions

  • Please inform the Academy of any medical condition/illness/learning difficulties so coaches are aware. You must inform the coaches of any changes as they occur. Your child must be fit to play. The Academy takes no responsibility if they are not informed of any health issues on signing up to the Academy.
  • Please inform the Academy and coaches of any medical conditions your child may have prior to the session or holiday camp starting.
  • If we are not informed we take no responsibility of any medical issues that might occur but if the situation of your child’s medical condition worsens we will take adequate medical action i.e. calling emergency services and/or parent/guardian.
  • Please make sure your child has any medicines which they may need i.e. Ventolin inhalers or epi pens, with him/her at all times.

Session Attendance

  • Please let us know via email or text message if your child will not attend a session as sessions will be planned due to the number and ages of children attending.
  • Children who cannot attend a session due to holiday/illness will not be refunded the session. In extreme cases we will look at each case individuall


  • Cancellation of session due to bad weather if the session is cancelled.
  • No refund will be reimbursed and another session will be offered at a later date. In case of adverse (extreme) weather conditions we will cancel training at short notice. An alternative training session will be put on at a later date to make up for the missed session. Please note this may or may not be at a different venue if we cannot fix a date with the venue in question.
  • Please be aware that a training session could be cancelled as late as three hours before a session starts.
  • Parents will be noted of cancellations via social media, and/or an email will be sent to you from Adam Virgo Academy saying this session has been cancelled.
  • The Adam Virgo Academy will take no responsibility for parents attending a session if the message has been sent out on social media or email.
  • If you are unsure if a session is still on please call the Academy on 07568517318 or email info@adamvirgoacademy.com

Data Protection

  • Data: All information provided will be held under a secure SSL certificate purchased by the Academy. These details will be held in confidence.
  • Due to upcoming changes in Data Protection Regulation which comes into effect on 25 May 2018 we ask all parents to submit their consent form when completing the child’s booking in order to continue to hear from Adam Virgo Academy.
  • Your details will be added to our email database so we can send out generic emails with upcoming information, or information about your child’s session.

Changes of venue

  • Waterhall (Brighton Rugby Club)
  • Steyning FC
  • Hassocks Sports Centre

Withdrawal from the Academy

  • Players who register to the Adam Virgo Academy will remain on the course until the completion of each term. Any players wishing to leave during the course will receive no refund.
  • Once registering for the Welcome Pack, this will be valid all the time the child is registered on the termly sessions. Once the child leaves the Academy, the Welcome Pack will be valid for 90 days from date of departure. After 90 days the Welcome Pack will expire and you will be required to re-register if your child would like to re attend the Academy sessions.


  • After each session the Academy will search and pick up any property they see at the time and this will be available for parents to check at the next session. However, if the child’s property is not found by the staff, we will take no responsibility for lost or stolen clothing, equipment or valuables.
  • All lost property found will be kept by the Academy for 4 weeks. After this time if the property has not been claimed they will be discarded or given to charity if in good condition.


  • From the date of registering, please note your Welcome Pack (Adam Virgo Academy kit) will take anything between 7-28 days to arrive (depending on stock availabity at the time of ordering). If your size is in stock this will be given to the child at their next Academy session.
  • Once kit has been worn, or the labels have been taken out, these will be non-exchangeable and a new kit will have to be purchased by the member by emailing info@adamvirgoacademy.com.
  • If the size is incorrect and labels have not been taken out and the kit has not been worn, you will be able to change the size of the kit; again please note this may take up to 28 days to arrive as Nike stock and availability is out of the Academy’s control.

Codes of conduct

Dress Code

  • Children/Players are required to dress appropriately for all weather conditions i.e. hats, gloves, waterproofs if raining. Academy clothing will be available to buy on our website in due course. Please keep an eye out for more information. Please wear appropriate footwear i.e. Astro/moulded football boots (please try and avoid trainers if possible). Metal studs and blades will not be accepted. If the correct footwear is not worn this may result in the player sitting out of the session.
  • Please wear shin pads at all times. Adam Virgo Academy will not take any responsibility for any injury caused to a child who is not wearing shin pads or the appropriate training wear.

Holiday Camps

  • For holiday camps please make sure your child brings a packed lunch and plenty to drink.
  • Please bring gym trainers as we may take part of the session inside a sports hall/gym. Football boots will not be allowed inside.
  • Half term and holiday camps may be cancelled up to 3 days before the start of the camp if numbers are not significant enough to run a session and / or venues are entitled to cancel a session due to (but not limited to) health & safety, pitches and / or building work on site. A full refund would be given.


  • Adam Virgo Academy does not accept liability for any sickness/damages / lost property /injuries or death sustained on our sessions/camps.


  • All children and coaches are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

Please note: Adam Virgo will be in attendance as much as possible however this will not be guaranteed every week due to Adams media commitments.

If you have any positive feedback, questions, constructive criticism or complaints you would like to share with us please put this in writing and email the Academy director on info@adamvirgoacademy.com.

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