Code of Conduct

As an Academy member, you are agreeing to the below code of conduct.

Parents take responsibility for their child’s behaviour whilst playing for the Academy.


  • Always listen to their coach when training and playing matches.
  • Show respect to their coaches.
  • Always be well presented when at the Adam Virgo Academy.
  • Always wear shin-pads and correct footwear.
  • Show a good spirit on and off the field with no negative behaviour.
  • Respect your fellow players.
  • Play to the laws of the game.
  • Not use rude language or insulting behaviour.
  • Always try their best.
  • Not bullying verbally or use abusive behaviour.
  • Respect the facilities and equipment.
  • Always play to the best of their ability.
  • Play fairly, not cheat or waste time.


  • Show respect to the players, parents and match officials.
  • Abide by the laws of the game.
  • Always be well presented in the Adam Virgo Academy kit.
  • Not get involved in or tolerate offensive or abusive language to a player match official, or a parent.
  • Always set high standards.
  • Must not shout at a child in an aggressive or abusive manner.
  • Not tolerate bullying.
  • Stay on the premises with a child until parent/guardian has collected them.
  • Never drive a child back to location/where they live even if parent calls asking for this UNLESS exceptional circumstances.
  • Leave the pitch as you found it by removing goals and equipment unless venue has requested you do otherwise.
  • Pick up any lost property they find after the session.
  • Sign in every child on arrival and make sure the child leaves the session with appropriate parent/guardian.


  • Player/child /coach meets with Adam Virgo to discuss further
  • Player/child would be closely monitored by an Adam Virgo Academy coach.
  • Player/child would be suspended from attending the Adam Virgo Academy until suspension is carried out.
  • Player/child could receive a fine if reported to the Sussex FA.
  • Player/child could be removed from the Adam Virgo Academy.


  • Always respect the coaches of the Adam Virgo Academy.
  • Not shout instructions at their son or daughter as this may add unnecessary pressure on the child and could confuse the message we send to them in a training session or game.
  • Always encourage the players.
  • Let a coach know if you are not staying to watch the Academy session.
  • Dress their child in the Adam Virgo Academy kit if they are an Academy member.
  • Park their car in the correct area as we may be in residential and school premises.
  • Must respect the facilities.

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